My Journey


The Awakening: A Personal Revolution

My path to becoming a neurodivergent coach began amidst personal struggles in my career and romantic relationship. The turning point came from an unlikely source — Healthy Gamer on YouTube. Dr. K’s blend of spirituality, neuroscience, and psychology unlocked a transformative perspective for me. Letting go of my ego, I began to prioritize the needs of others, leading to profound improvements in my life.

An Unforeseen Gift

A pivotal moment occurred during an unconventional session with my psychiatrist. On a day he needed support, our roles reversed, and I found an innate ability to guide and help others. This experience illuminated a path I never anticipated — one where I could genuinely serve and make a difference.
Life had been a quest for purpose, and it was becoming clear. Friends began reaching out for advice, each request a sign from the universe, guiding me towards my true vocation. Balancing a tech career with coaching initially, I soon realized that my passion lay wholly in helping others. The fulfillment from coaching overshadowed everything else, leading me to embrace it fully.

A Journey of Growth and Certification

I invested hundreds of hours in training and education to become a certified life coach and ADHD coach. My commitment is to fellow neurodivergents, guiding them to flourish in relationships, careers, and life. Our journey together is about finding meaning, understanding oneself, and achieving steady progress towards personal goals.

Let's Talk

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